ICNPB 2017

The International Conference on Natural Product Biotechnology (ICNPB) 2017 will take place on the Monday and Tuesday pre-ceding ICMAN-IUPHAR-NP/.  It will be a research, knowledge transfer and business development conference for the Life Science and Biotechnology community internationally, building on the understanding of Natural Product resources, sustainable technologies, the circular economy, and established research and business links. 

The scope that will be covered in the programme will be the science and technology behind identifying, purifying and exploiting high-value bioactive substances from marine sources (i.e. wild harvesting and aquaculture), native plants and crop species, and other feedstocks; handling and processing them; and their application, particularly in the food and pharma sectors, but also in personal care products and for other commercial biotechnology processes. 

The 2017 conference is being designed to complement ICMAN-IUPHAR NP.  If you would like more informaiton about this conference please sign-up for the conference mailing list.  You can also register online.

ICMAN-IUPHAR delegates can make more of their trip to Aberdeen by accessing a 10% discount on atteendance at ICNPB 2017.